Commentary – 5 round

(1) Riazantsev,Alexander (2689) – Najer,Evgeniy (2633) [D11]

1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.Nf3 Nf6 4.e3 Bg4 5.h3Bh5 6.g4 This is a typical move, but in this particular position you don’t see it often..

6…Bg6 7.Ne5 e6 8.Nd2 White has spent time only on writing down the moves ,Najer has already spent 20 minutes.The position is not new in chess theory.8…Nfd7 is the main line.

8…Nbd7 Black occupies the d7 square with the other knight. [8…Nfd7 9.Nxg6 hxg6 10.Qb3Qb6 11.g5 Be7 12.Nf3 c5 13.Bg2 Nc6 14.0-0dxc4 15.Qxc4 cxd4 16.exd4 Qb4 17.Qd3 Nb618.Bd2 Qd6 19.Rae1 Rd8 20.Re4 1-0 Granda Zuniga,J (2612)-Krivoshey,S (2496)/La Laguna 2007/CBM 117 ext (56)]

9.Nxg6 hxg6 10.Bg2 g5 11.0-0 Bd612.Re1 [12.Re1 Qe7 13.Qc2 0-0 14.e4 dxe415.Nxe4 Nxe4 16.Rxe4 Rfe8 17.Bd2 Nf8 18.Qc1Nh7 19.Qe1 Nf8 20.Qc1 Nh7 21.Qe1 Nf8 22.d5Lysyj I.-Hayrapetyan.H 2012.looks like Riazantsev is familiar with this game and has an improvment.]

12…Kf8 13.Rb1 Kg8 Black moves the king to a safe place and keeps the rook on h file.Now white will start attacking on the queenside and rook’s postion on h file ( kind of out of the game) may cause serious problems for black.

14.b4 a6 15.Qc2 Nf8 16.b5 cxb5 [16…cxb517.cxb5 a5 blocking the attack for a moment.Still black pieces are far from the queenside and white’s position is preferable.]

17.cxb5 a5 18.e4 This is a very logical move ,but not sure if it’s the right time for it.Black will pin the d2 knight now.

18…Rc8 19.Qd3 Bb4 20.e5 Rc3 [20…Ne421.Nxe4 Bxe1 22.Nd6 Rb8 23.a3 The knight on d6 is very strong ,also, the bishop on e1 is in real danger.]

21.Qf1 N6d7 22.Re3 Rc2 23.Nf3 Ng6 [23…Rxa2 24.Qd1 Nb6 25.Qb3 Ra4 was quite possible.Black’s pieces are not well coordinated,but white is unable to use that circumstance.]

24.Re2! Forcing black to trade the active rook.

24…Rxe2 25.Qxe2 Nf4 Time check: White has 8 minutes,black 4.

26.Bxf4 gxf4 27.Qc2 White is clearly better as black still has to solve the problem of the rook.

27…Nb6 28.Bf1 g6 29.Rb3 Kg7 30.a3 Be731.Rc3 Nc4 32.Qc1 a4 33.Kg2 g5 34.Qc2Qa5 35.Bxc4 dxc4 36.Rxc4 Qxb5 37.Qxa4Qd5 38.Rc3 b5 39.Qb3 Qb7 40.Qc2 Qd5Time control is over. White is a pawn up and has real chances to win.

41.Qb3 Qb7 42.d5! Qxd5 43.Qxd5 exd544.Rc7 Bxa3 45.Rb7 [45.Nxg5 Re8!46.Rxf7+ Kg6 ]

45…Re8 46.Rxb5 Be7 47.Rxd5 Rd848.Rxd8 Bxd8 White is winning.It’s simply a matter of technique.

49.Nd4 Bb6 50.Nf5+ Kf8 51.Kf3 Ba752.Nd6 Kg7 53.Ke2 Kg6 54.Nf5 Bb6 55.f3Bc7 56.Ne7+ Kg7 57.Nc6 Kf8 58.Kd3 Ke859.Ke4 Kd7 60.Kd5 Bb6 61.Nb4 Ba562.Nd3 Bb6 63.Nb2 Ke7 64.Nc4 Bc765.Nd2 Bd8 66.Ne4 Kd7 67.Nc5+ Ke768.Na4 Kd7 69.Ke4 Kc6 70.Nc3 Kd771.Kf5 Kc6 72.Ne4 1-0